Australian Made Cleaning Products

Saving The Iconic Brand!


Hi I am Kerrie!!
My family have owned Red Star since the mid 1930's
My grandfather bought the business off the original owners who started Red Star back in 1908.

My family took over the brand and then expanded and created several other very well known Australian made and owned product companies that operated under the brand of "Lightning Products"

I spent 20 years working in the family business managing the
multiple distribution channels and brands for the family business.
I concentrated in the laundry category and it was there that I learned all about the 'Dirty Secrets' and lies that the multi national companies tell their customers. 
Our family business excelled in creating products that were concentrated, commercial quality and more importantly safe for our water ways and safe for everyone to use.
So many unnecessary and cheap ingredients are used in the cleaning category that are harmful to our waterways and highly irritating to people with allergies and to baby's skin.

In 2017 I knew I had to re  establish Red Star.
The brand had been left idle without a lot of direction and the manufacturing process of the star product - The Red Star Cleaner paste needed to be drastically overhauled
I also knew that the brand needed the best quality laundry products and I had 20 years of my hands on knowledge so I was confident that I could do this too!

I left the security of everything that comes with two decades of working with the same company and sold my house, determined to continue the manufacture of Red Star, possibly Australia’s oldest and best natural cleaning product to share with as many people as possible.
I launched a fundraising campaign to upgrade the ORIGINAL vat that the Red Star Cleaner paste had been manufactured in 
You can read about the campaign HERE

I am so grateful that what I set out to achieve has happened!
Red Star has gone from strength to strength and I have created 2 new laundry lines that are changing the health of Australian families and Australian waterways
We also updated our Red Star Cleaner paste and with 1 small tweak - the paste is now plant based - No animal products are used!


I am passionate not just about this fantastic product but independent Australian Made AND OWNED anything!

I am constantly inspired by the independent retailers that stock Red Star for their like minded support and dedication to offering customers real choice of Aussie Made and Owned, they choose products on quality, innovation and value.

All Red Star products profits to support for ocean conservation.  

Australian made cleaning products
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And the lynch pin that keeps Red Star

all together is "Panda" 
She keeps Kerrie on track and together they make the Team work Dream work