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Change and Giving back!


Red Star has had only a few changes in the last 100 years!
What has NOT changed is the:

  • Love and dedication behind an Australian made and owned brand. 

  • The pride and Integrity behind our brand and products 

  • Using the safest and most ecological ingredients to create our products


The changes that HAVE happened:

  • We have slightly changed the Red Star Cleaner Paste to be 100% plant based without compromising any of the fabulousness of the original recipe!

  • The Logo changed - Our star now has 7 points
    The seven pointed star is the commonwealth star of Australia AND the universal star of the oceans - being seven, seven seas, seven oceans that need support . 

  • Red Star products give 100% of profits to Ocean Conservation via a registered not for profit Ship4Good Inc.
    Every purchase of Red Star, the profit will go to supporting Ship4Good Inc which has been established to own and run MV Steve Irwin, Sea Shepherds retired flagship with the ongoing use of the ship for education and inspiration see www.ship4good.com.au


What We Learnt When Making The Changes

  • Loyalty can not be bought - Thank you to friends and customers that have endured delays while we moved our warehouse back to Williamstown and only 100 metres away from where my grandparents built the factory.

  • There is NO fair way to get a good product to market without outrageous expenses!! The average trading terms to put a product into a warehouse that supplies an Australian supermarket you will need to add 35% to the wholesale price to cover the cost of "maybe" getting it on a shelf.
    Just to be considered by Coles or Woolies you need to pay 'new line fees', 'shelf allocation fees' and a couple more fees and this can cost over 100k just to get a product on the shelf. If it does not sell the numbers predicted you might get the stock back but none of the fees you paid.

  • We know there are AMAZING products that never get found due to the expense to market. And the small businesses that do take the risk often go broke trying to get their products to the mass markets due to all the fees.
    These family businesses and local communities cannot compete with the larger inferior brands or the cheap imports 

So what to do, give up?


We are now selling online keeping our product costs low for you.
We understand that freight and shipping costs can be a turn off and we are working at creating ways and deals for our customers to still get commercial quality products at the best prices.


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