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Laundry Powder Low Down

You are at the supermarket and you a sale in the laundry aisle You start looking at all the prices and trying to work out what is the best deal. Automatically we start to look at the typical price tags where it is broken down into price per weight comparisons BUT with laundry powder - you need to work it out differently as this is how the supermarket brands have you fooled! and how they fool you is with adding fillers which are not needed and just add bulk and weight to what you buy and this causes dilution to the actual washing strength of the product!

How To Save Money When Buying Washing Powder?

The usual filler in powder detergents from the leading brands is sodium sulphate and this gives that nice white powdery granules that actually does nothing to wash your clothes The more filler that they use - the less concentrated your washing powder is. So when you are looking at products that are concentrated or ultra concentrated - they have reduced that amount of unneeded filler in the packet But there is still more misleading going on The only way for a consumer to really understand if they are getting

Laundry powder

a good deal when they buy laundry powder is to work out how many washes they are actually getting out of each box or bag I recently bought a “commercial’ laundry powder by Radiant It was a 2 kg box and it was on sale for $10 and I grabbed it thinking I got a great deal I got home and then read that the suggested amount needed for each was was 2 scoops of powder which was around 100g per wash. This meant that my bargain

purchase was only going to give me around 20 washes per 2 kg box!! When compared to Red Star laundry powder - 2 kgs will give up to 100 washes for a front loader and 50 washes for a top loader This works out that the Radiant brand would give me a wash 50c per wash. Red Star laundry powder sells for $25( and delivered to your door) - BUT you get 100 washes which means that per wash it is 25c and if you buy our 4Kg the savings are even larger at 20c per wash! Why is this possible?? Because the commercial brand was full of fillers and does not contain a great deal of active washing ingredients. Red Star Laundry does not contain fillers - Every particle of the Red Star Washing Powder is there to it's job and that is to wash clothes

washing machine damage
Corrosion is a washing machine

from fillers being added to your laundry powder is that they are salt based. What does salt do to metal?

Yep...You guessed it! It causes corrosion to metal parts in the machine The salt deposits also can build up as a cement like sediment and will eventually cause a blockage and it shortens the

lifespan of the rubber hoses in a machine by causing them to degrade. Another reason why excess fillers are a bad idea in your washing products, is that it does not dissolve properly in water.That white sediment left on your clothes is because the salts do not dissolve properly in the wash and they remain on your clothes and also ingrained in the fabric which in turn can cause skin irritations and bronchial irritations Many washing powders cannot go be used for grey water or septic systems either as the

salts are not suitable for these systems

Our promise to you : We do not add fillers and every granule in Red Star Laundry gives you full cleaning strength! So when buying your washing powder - please look at how many washes you are actually getting for what you pay The benefits of using a brand like ours is that it is truly a Eco Washing Powder due to the low impact it has on our water ways , how much money you save and the less chemicals being used in your home and on your families skin.


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