Our 2 Laundry products - Perfect to try both!


Our Laundry Powder
A powerful concentrate with NO fillers, NO Synthetic Perfumes and NO Petrochemicals.
100% soluble in hot, cold or even Eco washes.
Use it with top or front loader machines.
A biodegradable and septic safe product.
Light natural lavender oil is added in the concentrate to refresh the fabric.

Recommended use: only 20gms per front loader wash.

This is half the amount as compared to other common brands.

Thus, 1kg will offer you up to 50 washes.


Our innovative Laundry Leaf is a best seller!

Each leaf is a composite degradable bamboo leaf infused with our highly concentrated cleaner, lavender oil and fabric conditioner.

  • Use in both top and front loading washing machines
  • Use in hot, cold and Eco washes
  • Suitable for grey water and Septic Tanks


The Laundy Leaf also doubles as Anti Static Sheet in the drier.
When the leaf has been washed along with your clothes - place it and the clothes into the drier to get static free dry clothes
If you use a drier for all your washing - This product is a game changer.

Perfect laundry product for travelling as well

  • Light weight
  • No mess 
  • Cost effective


Please note all other Redstar products are Made in Australia - The Red Star Laundry Leafs are made in China as the equipment used to make these is not avaialble in Australia

Red Star Laundry Powder and Leaf Bundle