There is a lot of 'green washing' going on, meaning loads of products claim they are 'eco' friendly when they are not. Red Star is made exactly the same traditional way since 1908 with 100% organic based raw materials, made in Melbourne Australia since 1908. 

Red Star Cleaner has a rich history dating back to the early 1900’s.


The original Red Star was a paste cleaner made in Fitzroy and distributed by push bikes to local factories, shops and homes.This paste was a natural bentonite (clay) eucalyptus and wood rosin base that would 'clean hands to pots and pans'


The Red Star factory and brand was purchased in the mid 1930’s by C&A Goodall. It created the legacy of the Goodall family producing quality cleaners for over 80 years in Melbourne. Earlier in 2016 a successful crowd funding campaign was run to help save Red Star 






Here are some before and after jobs using Red Star Cleaner. There are hundreds of other jobs made easy!  

My burnt and tarnished skittle iron grill, light corrosion on a bike, dirty leather couch, my favourite Converse sneakers.  

Natural Cleaning Products Made In Australia

red star 380g.jpeg