Ok so change must happen.


The changes to Red Star in the last 100 years are not the love and dedication of Australian made and owned, family pride or integrity of a REAL ecological produce but other realisations. There have been a few things over the last five years I learned from re erecting Red Star. 

#1. loyalty can not be brought - thank you to friends and customers that have endured - often delays while we move warehouse - now back in Williamstown 100mts away from where my grandparents built the factory.

#2. There is NO fair way to get a good product to market without outrageous expenses eg the average trading terms just to put a product in a warehouse to supply eg IGA/Coles/Woolies is up to 18% then cost of the MOS - multi site owners that have several branded IGA stores commonly another 6-8% THEN 'case deals' minimum of 10% discount so... if you you have a product to sell for $5 you will need to add 35% to cover the cost of just to possibly putting it on a shelf. Don't forget the cost of getting your product freighted, represented and god forbid a bit for you to keep alive!


Just to be considered by Coles or Woolies you would need 'new line fees', shelf allocation fees, min case turn etc etc that could cost you over 100k just to get product ranged and if it is slow - you get it back, NOT your line fees etc.


 I understand bricks and mortar cost of biz but this system is sending the best products, families and communities broke... like say dairy farmers - any wonder Aussie products can not compete with imports. 

#3. I believe the best products never see the light of day, past the local markets... or go broke because of these unrealistic costs to market by mass merchants.

So what to do, give up?


Red Star has only had three change in 100 years, first it is now 100% plant based and 2nd the amount of 'points' on the red star - now seven and third, Red Star support ocean conservation, all profits to ship4good not for profit incorporation. 

The seven pointed star is the commonwealth star of Australia AND the universal star of the oceans - being seven, seven seas, seven oceans that need support . 

Red Star products are now 100% profits to Ocean Conservation via a registered not for profit Ship4Good Inc. Every purchase of Red Star the profit (over cost of producing, packing and freight brake down on 'shop') will go to supporting Ship4Good Inc which has been established to own and run MV Steve Irwin, Sea Shepherds retired flagship and the ongoing use of the ship for education and inspiration see www.shipe4good.com.au