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Baby Washing Powder

What to use for for washing your baby's clothing? We know how sensitive their skin is and how important it is to avoid unnecessary chemicals that come into contact with them. Interestingly the main culprit for skin irritation in washing and laundry products for babies and adults are synthetic fragrances. The other culprit is excess fillers in the washing powder not being rinsed out of the clothing and these "salts" remaining in the fabric which can also cause irritation

When you have a baby on the way our natural instinct is to wash and clean

everything so your new arrival has a clean and cosy environment. Washing all clothing, wraps and bedding before it is used on a baby or child is recommended Clothing and fabric items are often treated with chemicals that help to keep the item wrinkle free and also to inhibit dampness and mould when it is being transported around the world. Darker fabrics can also have excess dyes sitting within the fabric and these should be washed away as well. If the item has a chemical smell or it feels stiff or coated, then it is important to

thoroughly wash it before having contact on sensitive skin.

Changing your washing powder can be a daunting decision. Often when we buy any cleaning product the first thing we check is the smell or the fragrance. We are also creatures of habit and will stick to one brand that we like and trust. When buying washing powder for sensitive skin, often a fragrance free option is the only choice, as majority of brands on the market use synthetic fragrances. There are some low allergy or low toxic brands coming onto the market and some may use essential oils as a fragrance with eucalyptus being a common scent in this sector.

Choosing a washing powder also means that you have to find a product that is effective in cleaning the clothing. Just because babies are small does not mean they do not make a lot of mess. On the contrary babies are the messiest little bundles of joy with nappy accidents and food accidents. Changing after every feed or nappy change is a common occurrence and the endless stream of washing and drying can be overwhelming and that is for just one little human in the household! You may decide to have a specific laundry powder for all your babies washing and there are specific baby washing powders and liquids. They are usually premium priced and work out to be between 25c and 40c per load of washing. Do not buy on price per weight always buy on price per wash. For example one baby washing powder retails at $8.99 for 1 kg but it only gives you 30 washes which works out to be 29c per wash. Red Star washing powder for 2 Kgs is $25 but it gives you up to 100 washes at 25c per wash and a 4Kg for $40 a bag will give up to 200 washes for 20c a wash.

The ingredients that are removed in baby washing powder are: Fillers - these are salts in the powder that bulk it up. The common one is called Sodium Sulfate Fragrances - Synthetic fragrances are used in majority of all laundry products and is the main cause of skin irritations Optical Whiteners or sometimes called Fluorescents - Another added chemical that can be irritating to delicate skin Enzymes - Can be a potential irritant in delicate skin Another option is to find a low allergy washing formula that still offers effective cleaning that the entire family starts to use. The effectiveness of a low allergy washing powder is often questioned Laundry products have all sorts of confusing claims like "Ultra" or "Super Concentrate" or "Brightening" or 'Whitening" And we all want our clothes to be washed to a high standard and to smell and look clean. This is where Red Star Laundry Powder stands head and shoulders above the major brands in the supermarkets We have a commercial quality washing powder that does NOT need to have all the extra claims as the formulation does all of this and we can leave of the irritating extra ingredients and still achieve superior cleaning results and at a lower cost than the leading brands. We use essential lavender oil in the formulation and lavender has excellent cleaning qualities and gives the clothes a light fresh fragrance. It is not overpowering at all. Why are we so good as a baby washing powder and even a washing powder that the whole family can use Highly concentrated with no irritating ingredients No Fillers No Synthetic Fragrances No SLS No Petrochemicals No Enzymes No Optical Brighteners Red Star offers up to 200 front loader washes when you purchase a 4 KG bag This works out to be around 20c per wash! We will deliver Australia wide to your door for no extra cost Shop at Red Star today for low allergy washing powder that is ideal to be used for babies and all your family

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