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Travel Washing

Caravan and Camping is going to boom as the lockdown is lifting Caravan owners will be itching to get back onto the road and find the perfect place to set up camp and get back to having freedom out on the roads again and get back to visiting the small towns and local areas that rely upon the steady stream of caravan tourists that keep their towns alive with much needed tourist dollars and seasonal workers. Lockdown will put international holidays on hold for awhile longer and domestic travel will be the encouraged. This is the perfect time for many couples and families to try out caravanning or camping for the first time. Washing clothes while traveling can be a challenge and is something that needs to be done and it will come down to what your preferences are where you are staying. You may decide to mainly use the caravan park laundries or laundromats/launderettes in towns And then do some hand washing in between and this is what most will do when they are staying in caravan parks or in town areas. Eventually you may upgrade and get a caravan or camping washing machine that you can hook up to a power supply and a tap. These are a great way to save on washing expenses of a laundry - but they do take up valuable space. Taking the right clothing and linen What clothes to take When traveling you want to take clothing that is easy wear and easy care Fabrics that wash well, dry quickly and do not need ironing or special care Why you need fabrics that dry quickly - There is nothing worse than the musty smell that some clothes get when they have not been able to dry quickly Here’s a basic list for one person: 4 T-shirts or tops. 2 long sleeve shirts/tops 3 pairs of shorts or crop pants 1 pair of long pants/jeans. 2 sets of pajamas/sleepwear- summer or winter Enough sets of underwear and socks to last between washes. I like to have 7 so I have a weeks worth 1–2 pairs of shoes (1 set suitable for hiking). 1–2 pairs of thongs or sandals 1 light weight jacket and 1 heavy weight jacket . These jackets would ideally be weatherproof sun hat/cap beanie Have 1 set of clothes suitable to out for dinner in. Linen 2 towels 2 pillow cases 2 sheet sets 2 tea towels 1 doona/quilt cover When travelling invest in a laundry bag or a collapsible clothes hamper You want to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate and to be able to have an easy way to carry them to the laundry area Here’s the packing list for your laundry needs: Collapsible laundry tub or sturdy laundry bag Pegs Portable folding clothesline A bucket with a lid so you can do in between hand washing Red Star Laundry leafs or red star laundry powder A supply of $1 coins. Some caravan parks will sell tokens that you can use in their laundries If you are going to be doing a lot of hand washing please see our video on why you need to use a washing powder that does not use fillers. There is no way you can remove all these undissolved particles from your clothing with a hand wash.

You will end up with irritated skin and fabric that will soon start to smell musty as these particles will end up smelling within the fabric fibres Red Star laundry powder is commercial quality in a bag and is sealable so it is easy to pack and take. 20 g is only needed for a front load and even less for hand washing For laundry lovers our Red Star laundry leafs are the BEST thing for washing and drying Every week you are going to need to do a bigger wash to get towels, bedding and all clothing thoroughly washed and dried

Our quick video shows you how to use them. The leafs are impregnated with low allergenic detergent The leafs are then used in the dryer and will cut down on any ironing and act as a fabric softener too. The leafs after being used in the dryer can also be used to keep clothes and shoes fresh. Just place them in your drawer/bag or shoes One thing to note that is if you are travelling around towns that have a a mining industry. You will often see washing machines that are specifically for "work clothes" Do not use these machines for your washing

As a whole Australian laundromats are clean and safe to use. You will have to ensure that you stay close by while your washing is done. You may take a book and read while you wait or set a timer on your phone and go do an errand or have a coffee near by You can save costs on drying If you can hang your own clothes line or the park has a secure drying area. We hope this helps the new caravanners and campers on the road while they get the hang of traveling and washing on the road. There is nothing worse than being in clothes that feel grubby or are damp and musty. Red Star Laundry will help you be fresh and clean while on the road.


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