SLS, Palm oil, optical brighteners, zeolite, bleach, dyes or fillers are also not used in Red Star.
The formulation does not use petrochemicals and synthetic perfumes which are also known as trigger for skin and bronchial sensitivities and have an adverse ecological effect. The Red Star Laundry Powder utilises a natural lavender oil to refresh fabric. Lavender has been used for centuries for washing, its literal meaning in ancient Latin is ‘to wash’.


Fillers commonly Sodium Sulphate create undissolved particles that can affect your clothes (the white residue you see sometimes). This is a concern for people with skin or bronchial sensitivities and this harmful for the environment as well. Fillers are not 100% soluble, they can cause corrosion in your machine. Keep in mind that corrosion is a major cause of machine failure.

The Red Star Laundry Powder formulation has been primarily supplied to the commercial/industrial market until now. It is highly effective at cleaning worker's cloths in the catering, industrial and retail industries so you can be absolutely sure it will work for you at home.

It is available in 1kg, 1.5kg flip top (idea to refill) and 4kg zip lock packs.


Unlike most retail brands, this unique formulation is free from:

Why Choose Red Star Products?

Forget the old way of washing!

Red Star Leaf Wash

 A Wonderful NEW Way to Wash! 

Each leaf is infused with a specialised formulation to offer a brilliant wash with no waste or mess.


Simply add a leaf to your top or front load machine. For light/general front load washers or hand washing you can use half (each leaf is perforated) a leaf, giving you up to 72 washes per 400gm pack!.. around 10c per wash.


The Leaf is made from degradable bamboo material, so after the wash you can easily dispose or compost it, use it has a draw liner, fabric conditioner and anti static in the dryer, even stuffed into shoes to deodorise and absorb moisture, these are some of the suggestions new customers have shared. 


The Red Star Laundry Leaf, unlike the powder, is not made in Australia because of the specialised machine requirements to make the leaf that is currently not available in Australia.


Its compact size drastically reduces packaging, freight and handling. Coupled with our formula's integrity, it's one of the best Eco-friendly laundry products available. Don't like bulky messy products in your laundry? Red Star Leaf is compact and will never make a mess. Ideal for travelers too! 


A 400gm 36 Leaf Wash pack offers, on average, the same amount of washes a 1.5kg or liters of powder or liquid, less packaging, freight and storage creating further eco benefits!  

The cost per wash is the real value NOT the pack price. Always check how many washes you get per pack V's the price. 


Red Star offers up to twice the amount of washes at the same cost!




You can have, on average, the same amount of washes with the Red Star Van packed with stock compared to a semi trailer load of common powder or liquid!

Take one ‘Leaf” for a perfect wash.

Place the leaf in your wash, top or front loader.

No waste, no mess, compact & clean!

You can fit 3X more Red Star Leaf Washes in a truck compared with traditional liquids and powders. This is a massive benefit in the reduction of 'carbon miles'. Added to the reduction of packaging and chemical over use/dosing Red Star Leaf Wash is truly a Wonderful Way to Wash for you and the environment !

Suitable for top and front loading machines

Compact, less packaging, freight, handling, storage waste and mess.

No synthetic perfumes, just a hint of lavender oil to refresh fabric.

Made for hot or cold wash, even ‘eco’ cycle. Top or front loading machines.

The cost per wash is the real value NOT the pack price.